Arlington Lawn Services

Merlos Lawn Care

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Merlos Lawn Care reviewsMerlos Lawn Care

608 South Wayne Street,
Arlington, VA 22204
(703) 271-8084

They are a family owned company founded in 1994. Over the past 17 years, they have grown into the successful company that they are today. Since the beginning, they have focused their vision on doing what is best for their customers by providing excellence and quality service at a reasonable price.

Metroplex Lawn & Landscape

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Metroplex Lawn & Landscape reviewsMetroplex Lawn & Landscape

6110 Windsong Drive,
Arlington, TX 76001-5727
(817) 690-0035

They offer a broad range of services and would be happy to discuss your outdoor project needs and ideas.They have the expertise and years of experience to help you achieve your ideal home paradise. They have well trained and professional staff.

AVALAWN Tree & Lawn Services

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AVALAWN Tree & Lawn Services reviewsAVALAWN Tree & Lawn Services

611 West Main Street,
Arlington, TX 76010
(817) 303-3055

They have been serving Arlington since 2002. Their objective is to provide a quality & reliable service to our customers. Their philosophy is to provide their customers with professional services & quality workmanship at a fair price.They offerall lawn services available.

Lawn Ranger

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Lawn Ranger reviewsLawn Ranger

3608 Lasalle Drive,
Arlington, TX 76016-2927
(817) 808-6007

They strive to outperform the excellent reputation they have earned in the industry by giving individual attention to their clients, and delivering scenery which exceeds their highest expectations. They are fully licensed and insured. They have we-trained staff.


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Choosing a Arlington Lawn Company


Some Arlington lawn care services seem to be very inexpensive until you find out that they charge on an a la carte basis. Some companies will also service your lawn three times per month for the same price as another company that will only service it twice. You need to find out first what the company will actually do for the money you will pay them before you pay them. The last thing you want to do is hand over your hard earned money only to find out that the Arlington lawn service company you just hired is only going to trim your grass and not do things like weed eat and edge.