Lawn Service Cost – What Can I Expect to Pay?

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Lawn care service may be something you are considering on paying for, in which case, it’s a good idea to know exactly what services you can expect to get and how much you can expect to pay for them.

The good news is that the cost of these services hasn’t risen as much over the years as other services did.  This is due to the fact that modern equipment is available to make easy work of lawn maintenance.  Another reason is that because of the ready availability of low-cost immigrant labor, a lot of companies are able to establish lawn care businesses. The competition this generates allows lawn care prices to stay at low, affordable rates, the average cost being around $120-150 per month of service.

Services to Expect

Basic services should include moving, edging, trimming, general removal of debris and provision of equipment including fuel.  There are a lot of companies who offer packages that include these basic services, and being bundled together allows lawn care providers to offer these basic service packages at relatively low rates.

However, for more particular clients, these can also be offered as stand-alone services and billed individually, depending on the services you wish to avail of. Individually, here is a breakdown of the average cost of each service and what each entails:

1.    Regular Lawn Cutting – with an average price of $20-$40 a cut per half acre, this fee can still depend on a few things.  Easy to cut lawns like those which are small, relatively flat and free from obstacles will be charged lower rates; so will properties that are clustered in the same area as your chosen company’s other clients.

2.    Spring Cleaning – the cost of this service will depend on the state of the lawn at the time prior to spring cleanup.  More debris and more beds will cost more, with an average price of $200 per half acre.

3.    Fall Cleaning – depending on the number of trees on or around your property, the average cost of fall cleaning services will be around $200-$500.  Those requiring removal services for accumulated leaves may have to pay on the higher end of this scale.

4.    Weeding Beds – this depends on the size and number of your beds to be weeded.  Most will cost around $25-$50 a month, but you can save on the cost by having them mulched at the beginning of the season.

5.    Trimming – this service can cost between $175-$400 depending on how many plants need to be trimmed and how detailed the landscaping is.

6.    Chemical Treatments – on a yearly basis, this can cost up to $700, but this depends on how big your lawn is.  Smaller lawns tend to be charged less.

Additional Services

Unlike the basic services, these come at an extra cost, but might be worth it if you’re the type of person who wants more out of your lawn service provider.  Options for additional services may be discussed with your lawn care provider and usually, most of them will be able to provide the extra care you need to maintain a perfectly manicured lawn.

Small Town, Big City

Finally, your expectations can be managed better by taking into consideration the fact that the area you live in will also dictate the cost of your maintaining your lawn.  Metropolitan areas will definitely be charged more than small towns.

Knowing all these things however, will be a good way for you to gauge whether you want to spring for lawn care service and how much good money you are willing to pay for it.

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