Topeka Lawn Services

Green Boys LawnCare

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Green Boys LawnCare reviewsGreen Boys LawnCare

6505 Southwest 61st Street,
Topeka, KS 66610
(785) 249-0121

They have 4 or 6 Step Lawn Treatment Programs, Fertilizing, Herbicide and Insecticide Applications and Soil Sampling. They also do Sod Installation, Slice-Seeding, Core Aeration, De-thatching and Automatic Watering Systems for Seed Establishment. They have a long experience in this business.

Lawn Care Services of Topeka

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Lawn Care Services of Topeka reviewsLawn Care Services of Topeka

3637 SE 6th St # D3,
Topeka, KS 66607-2317
(785) 224-3583

They specialize in all aspects of lawn maintenance. Their goal is to provide our customers with quality professional lawn care and landscape maintenance services. Their customers include both commercial and residential customers in the Topeka & NE Kansas area. They are equipped to service various property sizes from the smallest yards to the exclusive estate properties and commercial market accounts.

Greentouch Lawn Services

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Greentouch Lawn Services reviewsGreentouch Lawn Services

3530 Southeast 21st Street,
Topeka, KS 66607-2371
(785) 232-9800

They offer complete lawn and landscape maintenance including fertilizer and weed control programs, tree and shrub care, landscape design and installation, sprinkler system service and installation, and snow removal along with many more services at affordable rates. They have competitive prices. They have friendly and well-trained staff.




Choosing a Topeka Lawn Company


Some Topeka lawn care services seem to be very inexpensive until you find out that they charge on an a la carte basis. Some companies will also service your lawn three times per month for the same price as another company that will only service it twice. You need to find out first what the company will actually do for the money you will pay them before you pay them. The last thing you want to do is hand over your hard earned money only to find out that the Topeka lawn service company you just hired is only going to trim your grass and not do things like weed eat and edge.