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When it comes to lawn care, TruGreen is definitely a name that most people have heard of.  Unfortunately, it can be difficult find a review of TruGreen that isn’t either only singing praises or one giant complaint.  To give you a better idea about what to expect, here is a quick review of TruGreen – what they have to offer and some potential drawbacks to keep in mind.

Review of TruGreen Services

TruGreen breaks down their services into 3 areas: lawn care, tree/shrub, and additional services.  In most cases, they operate based on a contract, which means that you will sign up for their service on a yearly basis, rather than per-treatment.

Lawn Care Programs

TruGreen offers a variety of different lawn care services, however there are two basic programs to choose from.  The first is TruPerformance and includes fertilization, weed control, color improvement, lawn quality audit, and unlimited services calls.  The other package is TruNatural an includes all of the previous services as well as the use of organic composition.

Tree and Shrub Services

For tree and shrub care, there are several services that included in the package.  Along with the evaluation, some of the most commonly used options include the spring feeding, early growth protection, foliage protection, winter insect control, target protection, and root zone fertilization.  Some optional services include targeted truck injections, trimming/shaping, and fall dormant oil to control insects.

Additional Services

Some of the additional services that you can add to your packages include regular aeration and seeding, pH and soil quality control, targeted insect control for problem areas, disease prevention and control, and overall winterization.

Potential Areas of Concern

While TruGreen seems to provide high quality services in general, there are some complaints that seem to be common.  One of the most common complaints is that you will not get any warning when a TruGreen specialist will actually be at your house.  This could potentially be an issue if you have outdoor pets or want to oversee what they are doing.  In some cases, people complain about poor service and poor weed removal results.

It is important to consider that along the 200+ corporate locations, there are also a growing number of franchise locations as well.  In most cases, it seems like the inconsistencies arise from the franchise locations because they aren’t bound to follow every single policy and protocol that are used by the corporate locations.

Average Price

The most basic annual program will normally be around $250 per year, however this does not include the additional services which are what will increase your costs fairly quickly.  For example, aeration and seeding alone can be nearly an additional $200.  The full season cleanups can also get expensive, however they can go a long way in improving how your lawn grows in the spring.

Overall, TruGreen seems to be one of the better lawn care service providers on the market.  Their corporate locations tend to be superior to franchise locations, so make sure to talk to friends, family, and neighbors to see how well your location stacks up to the TruGreen reputation.

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Scotts Lawn Care

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Scotts Lawn Care is a well known name within the lawn care industry, however there seems to be a wide variance the reviews of their service.  There are several reasons for this, which is why it can be difficult to find a review that will let you know exactly what to expect.  Here is a quick review of Scotts Lawn Care that includes both the benefits and drawbacks of using their service.

Overview of Scotts Lawn Care

The goal of Scotts Lawn Care is to provide a customized service that is tailored to your lawns needs.  They offer professional grade products, certified landscaping professionals, and much more.  The best part about the customized service is that you will only receive the lawn care services that you want.  This is much better than having to pay for a blanket service that may include things that your lawn simply doesn’t need.  They also state the nearly 1 in 3 customers switched to Scotts Lawn Care after being disappointed by another service.

Potential Drawbacks of Scotts Lawn Care

Scotts Lawn Care has been targeted with a number of complaints over the last few years and they all boil down to the same basic problem – consistency.  This has led to issues with customer satisfaction and “ghosting”.  Ghosting is when a service provider stops by, but doesn’t actually perform the services that you are billed for.  In many cases, your local Scotts Lawn Care business is likely run by a franchise owner rather than under corporate management.  In some cases, the franchisee does not have to follow the same strict operational standards as a corporate office would.  This is why in many cases, you will see clusters of complaints as well as clusters of exceptionally positive feedback.  Fortunately, by ordering a few services on a trial basis, you can quickly find out whether or not your local Scotts Lawn Care service is worth your consideration.

Potential Benefits of Scotts Lawn Care

There are several benefits of choosing Scotts Lawn Care.  These benefits include time savings, cost savings, and professional care.  The time savings are fairly obvious.  Managing your own lawn can take up your entire weekend in some cases.  With Scotts Lawn Care, this will never be an issue.  Additionally, once you consider how you will spend buying lawn care products, Scotts Lawn Care can often end up saving you money.  Finally, with certified lawn care professionals using the best Scotts products, your lawn can end up looking great.  Some of the products that will likely be used include: Scotts professional fertilizers, Ortho Max Pro, and Ortho Weed-B-Gon Pro.

As with any service provider, there will always be some potential drawbacks due to inconsistency.  This issue can be amplified depending on the quality of the local franchise.  Fortunately, by you can quickly find out whether or not your local service provider offers the high standard of service that Scotts Lawn Care is known for with a simple trial.  You can also ask friends and neighbors who have used the local services as well.

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Choosing a US Lawn Company


Some US lawn care services seem to be very inexpensive until you find out that they charge on an a la carte basis. Some companies will also service your lawn three times per month for the same price as another company that will only service it twice. You need to find out first what the company will actually do for the money you will pay them before you pay them. The last thing you want to do is hand over your hard earned money only to find out that the US lawn service company you just hired is only going to trim your grass and not do things like weed eat and edge.